Do you want to lose weight, feel better, improve your health and improve your relationship with yourself? IF YOU ANSWERED “YES” then you will do whatever it takes to join our group call THIS SUNDAY, JULY 30th @ 9:30pn EST. This Sunday night group coaching is FREE to anyone who has signed up at your La Rosa Wellness website, not just the PASSION & GROWTH groups!!

Becca Tebon, Director of Wellness at La Rosa Realty is thrilled to share SUNDAY STRATEGIC #BLUEPASSION HEALTH & HAPPINESS WEBINAR, complementary to the PASSION & GROWTH GROUPS, and FREE to all for the month of July (tell your teammates).

JOIN in Sunday to hear some of the other perks!!

La Rosa Wellness Passion & Growth Groups will meet WEEKLY on Sundays @ 9:30pm EST to receive specific goals and empowerment to blast their week and develop strategic plans to meet goals.


Be sure you have signed up here to get an email with access.

Come 10 minutes early (or anytime before the webinar) so that you can DOWNLOAD via the prompts in case you haven’t used in the past. You can join from your computer or phone. It is recommended to use a computer in order to see the webinar clearly.

All information to participate in the webinar will be sent to you via email — even a reminder.

To an even better day, in health, happiness & love!