Challenge yourself to be even better!


WELCOME! As a FAMILY each and every month we will share a new company-wide challenge perfect for our Family of La Rosa Real Estate specialists — YOU! Access to videos; fit, fresh & fast recipes; 17 minute workouts perfect for the beginner & those who want to tone, trim & lose weight. Topics ranging from beginner fitness and simple nutrition to finding your mojo and inner power & gifts, as well as simplifying, decluttering and detoxing your life. You’ll find fun (and challenging) ways to step into a healthier body and mindset. Join Becca’s mobile app (free) and get access to weekly Aspiration, Health Messages, workouts and more!

2017 Calendar of FAMILY Challenges

• July: 7 Ways in 7 Days To Better Habits
• August: 30 Day Squat Challenge
• September: 30 Day Plank Challenge
• October: 30 Day Crunch Challenge
• November: 30 Day Walk/Jog Challenge
• December:30 Day Manifest More: Meditation Challenge
• January 2018: 30 Day The Power Of Now: Gratification Challenge

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